Fazel Baft

Fazel Packaging and Sack Weaving Industries Group with the brand name of Fazel Baft started its activity in the field of production and direct supply of various types of polypropylene (PP) products in 1391, relying on God Almighty and a lot of perseverance, and now a complete set in Is the field of packaging industry.
Fazel Baft Group consists of two production units of propylene products (PP) with a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year located in the industrial town of Rasht. Our production units with the aim of customer satisfaction and production of first-class products (having the standard seal of Iran, manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and quality management system) are currently the only manufacturers in the country that can guarantee the quality of after-sales products and Offer to the customer.

Fazel Baft

  • Packaging and sack weaving industry group

  • Jumbo bag and big bag (FIBC)

  • Multi-filament yarn and packaging

  • Rachel lace rolls and bags

  • Provider of polypropylene products

  • Plastic Rolls and Sacks (PP)

  • Composite envelope

  • ADSTAR bag


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