About Us

Fasten packing and bagging group consists of two production units of polypropylene (PP) products located in Rasht Industrial Company and the headquarters and warehouse of this complex is located in Tehran. Our production units are currently the only manufacturer in the country with the aim of customer satisfaction and the production of first-class products (with Iran’s standard stamp, manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and Quality Management System), which has guaranteed the quality of after-sales products. . But Fazel Baft Group, according to customers’ request, is also able to supply and distribute products from other factories of the country, in order to facilitate the purchase of a variety of products in terms of the quality of the customer’s purchases, and allows the customer to deliver the products of their desired quality. And produce the desired price. Our customers are experiencing certain purchasing processes vis-à-vis other companies, and one of the reasons is the removal of a direct buy-in from the manufacturer. As a buyer with a brand consumer, he provides the price and quality of the product he wants and buys his needs. Most interestingly, customers who have not bought us and who are trying to work with us for the first time will give us their product and price samples and we will provide them with the best price for them. For more information on how to buy, please contact our sales experts.